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Portable Desk Guards

Add a layer of defense on the desk.

Our Portable Desk Guards are designed to provide a physical barrier between students. Sneeze Guards protect students and staff from contaminants and transmissions. It is a quick, simple, and effective way to help reduce risk of transmissions from sneezing, coughing, or droplets through the air. Students will fold these up, with velcro holding the sides together, and carry them to their next class.  See our other forms of PPE


  • The all plastic construction is made from 0.020″ thick clear plastic that is bent in the corners to create a ‘cubicle’ for each student.
  • The product is 22” wide with 9” wings with different heights available (16, 18, and 20), which allows students to still have a comfortable workspace.
  • This is an affordable solution that can be stored indefinitely.
  • Can be cleaned with soap and water using a soft towel.
  • Our Desk Sneeze Guards have a protective removable plastic layer for shipping, and are flat-packed with adhesive track hardware.
  • Packed in boxes of 25.
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Product Information

Pricing Each    List Price         School Discount          Net Price

50                    $39.95             50%                             $19.97

100                  $37.50             50%                             $18.75

250                  $34.95             50%                             $17.47

500                  $32.50             50%                             $16.25

1000                $29.95             50%                             $14.97