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NanoSeptic Self-Cleaning Desk Skins

Our Amazing NanoSeptic Self Cleaning Desk Skins are designed to add a layer of defense on the desk by providing a self cleaning-work surface.  NanoSeptic has proven this product is a self-cleaning surface. Think of the additional safety and the peace of mind the parents will have with this remarkable desk covering surface! See our other forms of PPE

Product Details

  • The Self Cleaning Desk Skin is available in 13” x 19” and 13” x 23.5” sizes.
  • If you get larger debris on the surface, cleaning is super easy, just clean in position with soap and water using a microfiber towel.
  • Our NanoSeptic Self Cleaning Desk Skins are flat packed in boxes of 25.
  • They require minimal space and can be stored in the box due to the light activation beginning the cleaning process.
  • Recommended replacement is one time per school year.

Packed in Boxes of 25,  per Pallet

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Product Information

What are NanoSeptic Self-Cleaning Surfaces?

We’ve taken an approach that uses technology rather than toxins. Namely, NanoTechnology. So think in terms of nanocrystals (about 1/10,000 the diameter of a human hair). Our NanoSeptic Surfaces oxidize any organic contaminant. And to restate the note above – we do so without the use of hazardous chemicals or toxins. Essentially what happens is any normal indoor light (fluorescent, incandescent, or LED) or outdoor light (UV) energizes nanocrystals on the surface which results in an oxidation reaction. This oxidation effect breaks down all organic contaminants. The self-cleaning action starts working immediately and works 24/7 on items like door handles, elevator buttons, touchscreens, counters, etc. So it’s not a one time action, it’s a continuous action.

What NanoSeptic is NOT?

NanoSeptic is NOT a Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, or Wound Dressing. NanoSeptic is NOT an EPA Registered product … Why? … EPA registered disinfectants and sanitizers are required to be EPA registered because they contain chemicals/ingredients that are regulated and classified as Pesticides. It took us two years, but we are proud to let folks like you know NanoSeptic Self-Cleaning Surfaces do NOT use any toxins or hazardous chemicals. So while we’re proud of that fact, current government regulations prohibit us from making public health claims.

And of note

During our R&D phase (supported by a $2 million dollar R&D Grant), an independent EPA/FDA-compliant lab, using international standard test protocols (JIS), verified NanoSeptic Self-Cleaning Surfaces. NanoSeptic has also been tested and verified in South Korea, Malaysia, and the Mid-East. And the visible component of our products should NOT be understated. People not only like knowing the safer places to touch because they can see them, they appreciate those in charge (commercial or government) implementing NanoSeptic in their facilities. It results in a known (market researched) “Halo” effect. Meaning: when they see NanoSeptic, they assume the rest of the building is actually cleaner than those without NanoSeptic. This is likely why so many Federal, State, and Local Government agencies, as well as major commercial companies like Amazon, VISA, GE, Kimberly Clark, Zebra Technologies, CBRE, JLL, Colliers, Hines, Cushman and Wakefield, Credit Suisse, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, Four Seasons, Trump Properties in NY, medical colleges, healthcare facilities, schools (over 45 Colleges, Community Colleges, and K-12), over 18 Federal Reserve Banks, 9 international pharmaceutical companies, along with multiple Fortune 200 companies, use NanoSeptic.

Pricing Each    List Price         School Discount          Net Price

50                    $ 79.95            50%                             $ 39.97

100                  $ 77.50            50%                             $ 38.75

250                  $ 74.95            50%                             $ 37.47

500                  $ 72.50            50%                             $ 36.25

1000                $ 69.95            50%                             $ 34.97