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Customized Market Mail

ShipShapes™ Customized Market Mail (CMM) will get your business noticed.

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Product Information

Why not pick up a little acclaim for yourself? Join the ranks of those who have already made a splash with ShipShapes (CMM).

ShipShapes (CMM) can be as big as 12” x 15” x 0.75” – about the size of a large manila envelope. ShipShapes (CMM) is classed as CMM (Customized Market Mail), which gets delivered faster than first class mail. We drop-ship ShipShapes (CMM) to any of the 37,000 USPS DDUs, as your mail list requires, so they are delivered in 1 to 4 days, tops. This gives you the added advantage knowing when your audience receives your message. ShipShapes (CMM) works great all alone, but don’t forget that it lifts the response rate of your follow up email and telemarketing as well.

A CMM campaign truly captures the recipient’s attention, and is most economical with localized or heavy zip code saturation mailings. At about two to four times the cost of conventional direct mail, ShipShapes (CMM) typically delivers five to fifty times greater response, revenue and ROI.