Hanging Protective Barrier

Hanging Protective Barrier

Add a layer of defense between rows of desks in classrooms.

The Hanging Sneeze Barriers provide a physical barrier between students and staff from contaminants and transmissions. These affordable clear guards are attached to the ceiling with hooks that go through the grommet holes in each corner and can be placed at any height. It is a quick, simple, and effective way to help reduce risk of transmissions from sneezing, coughing, or droplets through the air. 
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Product Details

  • The all-plastic construction is made from 0.020″ thick clear plastic that has a grommet in each of the 4 corners. 
  • There is framing on the top and bottom to provide strength, rigidity, and ability to connect multiple pieces. 
  • The size is 24” wide by 40” high.
  • They can also be connected together with the supplied framing to create a long, single clear wall. 
  • This is an affordable solution that can be easily cleaned or replaced (and can be stored indefinitely).

Current Pricing

Quantity List Price School
Net Price
50 $39.95 each 50% $19.97 each
100 $37.50 each 50% $18.75 each
250 $34.95 each 50% $17.47 each
500 $32.50 each 50% $16.25 each
1000 $29.95 each 50% $14.97 each


2250+ Large  Quantity & School District Smart Buy Pricing available. Call 708.503.1122 for quote.

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An affordable option.

Our construction is intended to provide an affordable solution for the classroom. Rather than using a heavy and expensive sneeze guard that can still be subject to damage, scratching or graffiti, we created an inexpensive alternative that can be easily cleaned (wipe with soap and water using a soft towel) or even replaced. They can be used in front offices, hallways and other places that require physical barriers as well.